Compass Online Reference Guide

The Compass Online Reference Guide gives you detailed, step-by-step information on how to perform various functions in Compass. All of the information that was in Reviewing Your Budget: Finding Information In Compass is included in the Compass Online Reference Guide, and more information has been added. The format has been optimized for ease of use, too.

You can navigate the Compass Online Reference Guide by clicking the links to specific information. You can also scroll through specific subjects to see more detail behind the initial screen.

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New Compass Chartfield and Smartkey Request Forms

The original Chartfield and SmartKey request forms have been replaced by the following six forms for specific non-sponsored project Chartfield maintenance purposes. These forms are more user friendly, and they are in writeable PDF format.

If you have any questions about using these forms, email

  1. Project or SmartKey Create/Modify Form
  2. Project or SmartKey Inactivate/Reactivate Form
  3. Department Create/Modify/Inactivate/Reactivate Form
  4. Event or Program Create/Modify Form
  5. Chartfield Value Form (This form requires Finance Subcommittee approval.)
  6. Affiliate Project or SmartKey Create/Modify Form

Compass Security Request and Workflow Request Forms

Web Browser Information

Setting Up Email Notifications