SpeedType or SpeedChart is a PeopleSfot delivered quick entry code that populates relevant ChartFields in a transaction.  Grant Entry Code Keys are established from the Grants Module and are set-up within the EMUNV business unit. These Entry Code Keys ensure the accuracy of ChartField Combinations when entering transactions in some, but not all, modules.  Since these Entry Code Keys are not used in all transactions, they are not intended to be used for report summarizations.

Impacted Compass (PeopleSoft) Modules:

  • All modules

Module Team:

  • David Giles (Module Lead)

Business Process & Policy Owners:

  • Jamie Smith

Listening Tours Items: Includes items captured from Listening Tour sessions held during early 2014 where Emory focus groups were formed to provide insight into what Compass features and functionality worked well, and which ones needed to be improved. You can download the Excel spreadsheet below to access the Listening Tour items related to the SpeedType/SmartKey workstream. Select the SpeedType/SmartKey tab in the spreadsheet.

Note: The listening tour items will continue to be updated as the project progresses.

Listening Tour Items Spreadsheet