The Compass (PeopleSoft Financials 9.2) Cash Management (CM) module enables you to monitor and forecast cash requirements, perform automated bank reconciliations, analyze bank fees, distribute payments efficiently and securely through Financial Gateway, and automatically generate accounting entries.

The Treasury Management (TM) module incorporates the Deal Management module and gives an organization easy access to liquidity management, improving debt servicing and reducing interest expense while improving staff productivity.  The product offers streamlined deal initiation, administration, settlement accounting, and position monitoring. 

Impacted Compass (PeopleSoft) Modules:

  • Banks Setup and Processing
  • Cash Management
  • Deal Management
  • Financial Gateway

Module Team:

  • Kim Savincki (Module Lead)

Business Process & Policy Owners:

  • Mark Delorenzo
  • Jim Klein
  • Shannon Turner
  • Vakela Kelly
  • Amy Andrews
  • John Hatley