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Organizational Change Management Information for Leaders


Change is a normal part of our everyday experience. Recognizing the need for and leading change in the workplace is something that most managers and supervisors can expect to do as part of their role. Normally the impetus for change begins as an idea that involves adjusting or adopting systems, processes, practices or structures to improve or enhance the workplace.

Ideas for change can arise from a number of regular work activities such as:

  • exchanging ideas with colleagues outside your normal area of operation
  • comparing activities to other organizations or benchmarking
  • investigating new technologies
  • reading professional journals, both within and outside your field
  • discussing ideas in focus groups and other forums or with those who are likely to challenge them
  • analyzing your work areas performance information to determine which areas can be improved
  • reviewing systems, practices, processes and procedures
No matter where the idea for change arises from managers and supervisors have an important role to play in facilitating change as it moves from being an idea to an implementable change process. When the appropriate steps in the process are followed and the appropriate behaviors are modeled the chances of achieving successful change are greatly increased. Managers and supervisors should strive to:

  • create zones of stability for staff
  • reduce ambiguity for staff
  • support/coach/enable staff
  • praise good performance
  • help people understand the change process and the reasons behind it
  • keep people informed
  • reinforce positive change behaviors
  • lead by example
Managers and supervisors must send clear and credible signals of their support for change. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I feel strongly about the need for this change
  • Am I convinced that this change can be accomplished?
  • Am I willing to sell it to other people who might be convinced about the benefits?
  • Am I willing to put my own personal time above and beyond the normal work requirements?
  • Am I willing to make hard decisions?
  • Am I committed to seeing this through to the conclusion?