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Managing Change

Change management is a structured process and set of tools for managing the people side of change such that business results are achieved, on time and on budget.


Our Mission

To successfully manage how individuals and the Emory enterprise implement and deal with change. Change management, communications and training activities will help us facilitate the individual side of change and the organizational side of change.

Our Vision

Bridged silos and a culture of collaboration where the Emory enterprise faces constant demands to change and uses effective change management over and over with each new initiative. See the Emory Strategic Plan.

To become a change competent organization:


Ensure that business changes are implemented and realized to their full potential through effective leadership and change sponsorship.

Project Team

Support sponsors, managers and front-line employees through the change process with tools, processes and techniques to manage change.


Support employees through the change process; provide direction and steering for professional development and encourage successful performance in the new environment, including coaching employees on change management techniques.

Front-line employees

Perform successfully in the current environment, during the transition and in the changed environment.

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