Compass Enhancement Requests

Enhancement Requests

The Compass Team is continually working to help support our most valuable assets: our people.  We foster a climate that encourages open and two-way communications that will enable us to effectively bridge our business needs with the needs of our user community. 

When users identify needs to enhance the Compass system, we encourage them to submit their requests by logging a ticket in our  Community Website.

Submitted requests are analyzed and reviewed by Compass Leadership and Committees for consideration in future updates.

Enhancement Requests vs. PUM

Enhancement Requests are received by Compass users throughout the year and reviewed with each PUM release.  Enhancement Requests may be included in the PUM or it may be a need not yet addressed in a PeopleSoft update.  Requests that are addressed in updates are thoroughly reviewed and tested by the Project Team prior to consideration for PUM.  Requests not addressed in PUM undergo the same review and testing, but are not implemented during a PUM.

List of Enhancement Requests

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