Finance Support Center

The Finance Support Center is dedicated to helping clients use our Finance Systems.  They are responsible for Supporting:

  • Compass Financial System
  • Compass Reporting System
  • Emory Express
  • Emory Proposal Express (EPEX)
  • Emore Business Intelligence (EBI)
  • Emory Suppliers

Finance Support Center

Questions related to your work in Compass, EPEX, Emory Express or EBI-Finance?

 1. Log a ticket (quickest way and provides you with personal tracking)

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You can click on the How to Open a Ticket link to assist you should you encounter an issue.
2. Call us:  Our phone lines are staffed Mondays, from 9am until noon and
Tuesdays – Fridays, from 9am to noon and 1pm to 3pm.   404-727-7000

Peer Expert Council

Peer Experts are selected by the business to receive early training and ultimately provide first line support to the end user community. These people are widely accepted as the power users within their business units and departments and possess better than average knowledge of the Compass tool.  Their role is to share their technical knowledge of Finance Systems within their business units and departments and increase overall end-user comfort level with the finance tools.  They provide “hands-on” feedback related to training and testing, and help answer user questions during and after training.

Click on the image below to see Peer Expert Council names and departments (June 10, 2016).


Executive Committee Members

The Executive Committee provides the highest level of oversight for the project, governed by a charter, which details its function and scope. It provides approval to project change requests, budget requests, or policy/procedure recommendations submitted by the Steering Committee. The Executive Steering Committee meets monthly to consider issues raised by the Steering Committee.

Mike Andrechak, Peter Barnes, Dee Cantrell, Jimmy Hatcher, Ronnie Jowers, Carol Kissal, Rich Mendola, Scott Stevenson, David Wynes

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee reviews the business needs of the Emory community and scope recommendations from the Project Leadership Team to ensure alignment is achieved to the highest degree possible. The committee members serve as a liaison between the user community and the project team, and make recommendations to the Executive Committee, the project team and the user community to improve the functionality of the system.

Allison Berg, Lisa Carlson, Daniele Cavallo, Carla Chandler, Mark DeLorenzo,Joanna Green, Dana Haggas, Jim Klein, Lynn Johnson, Bill Lambert, Tim Lawson, Jerry Lockamy, Jamie Smith (Co-Chair), Sharen Olson, Deepa Pawate, Kerry Peluso, Peter Buch, George Thompson, Martha Walsh (Co-Chair),  Belva White

Project Leadership Team

The Project Leadership Team is composed of functional and technical leaders from the Project.  They make operational decisions, help ensure the optimal cross project work stream level of cooperation, and recommend scope and process changes for Steering Committee consideration.  The Project Leadership Team ensures the expressed business needs of the users are considered.

David Giles, Dave Miller, Urvi Patel, George Thompson, Tom Vincent, Larry Goldberg, Linda Erhard

Workstream Leads

The Workstream Leads drive the overall design, testing, and implementation of new Compass Upgrade functionality. They provide input on business decisions and processes that affect the design of the system and address the implications of business changes across the University and Healthcare organizations.

David Giles, Larry Goldberg, David Miller, David Overby, Urvi Patel, Dee Ann Reichner, George Thompson, Tom Vincent, Linda Erhard

Communications Council

A group of influential leaders & peers that visibly lead change and provide feedback around the Compass Upgrade. They provide an essential BRIDGE to business end users who are impacted by the changes. The Communications Council serve as ambassadors from Campus and Healthcare to the Transition Support team and Compass Upgrade execution. They are your key local points of contact for the Compass Upgrade project. Look for additional information from these individuals regarding training, system updates, etc.

Comm Council June 28 2016