Past Events

Compass Outreach Session Prize Winners


More than 1,360  attended Compass Outreach Sessions (May 2015-March 2016) and many of you went home with a raffle prize!

Gail Scheu, Toiya Jones, Angela Holman, Melinda Honeycutt, Capri Blount, Carol Holmes, Kathy Grans, Lauren Fechte, Linda Kesselring, Kathy Summers, Mark Hafitz, Barbara Bueher, Shezvana Vanand, Robin Mitchell, Jane Setterfield, June Eddingfield, Natalia Tantaleylor, Marion Osborne, Shawn Nutter, Claire Hackworth, Jacqueline Riley, Carole West, Janet Reardon, Jackie Strom, Bonnie Chappell, Stephanie Gray, Ann Williams, Lora McDonald, Christine Baker, Shantisa Fulgham, Anita Mann, Sonie Parra Zuna, Deborah Maxwell, Stephanie Allen, Amy Covington, Ann Uher, Terry Fleming, Barbara Connor, Susan Cook, Roman Damena,Thomas Furrie, Holley Butkovich, Marla Carter, Christine Terry-Carter, Steve Doney, Linda Clarke, Anne O'Neal, Matilda Jalloh, Joni Lewis, Carole West, Becky Roffman,lice Graham, Anna Lafae, Marian Apomah, Dianne Winsett, Daphne Blow, Laura Fetche, Mekia Hardy, Geri Thomas, Meraida Polak, Elizabeth Boos, Al Dowdle, Jack Metropol, Alice Arthur, Pamela Bryant, Lisa Simmons, Sade Loye, Alice Muson-Wood, Linnea Harwell, Bonnie Chappell, Jerry Byrd, Melinda Kougioumtzis, Stephenie Thioubou, Tracie Graham; Rhonda Burke; Phyllis Peninger; Terrial Young; Sherri Stearns; Dianne Winsett; Sindee Young, Laura Papotto; Kathy Malanoski; Ann Powers; Kate Coblin; Katie Wilson, Matilda Jalloh, Katilia Harden, Christina Terry-Carter, Tanisha Sullivan, Sandra Page, Joni Lewis, Constance Nagle, Margaret Huntley, Thomas Furrie, Carmine Santoianni, Darlene Wyche, Kathy Simmons, Genet Gebrewahd

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Go Live Date


November 14, 2016

The decision to Go-Live on November 14th  was based on a number of key factors including:

 Time for Testing. We need to be certain that our testing phases are designed to ensure the functionality is thoroughly inspected by the user community.

 Time for Training.  We need to make sure that we have enough time built into the schedule for our users to complete their training plans successfully.

 Black-Out Dates.  We have to be sensitive to the competing priorities tied to the financial, academic and research calendars that could impact staff engagement.  (Year-end closing, Students returning, etc.) 

 Look for communications with your individual learning program in April and register for training right away. We’re getting closer and I hope that you take every opportunity to learn more about the Compass Upgrade and its’ impact on you and your department.  Thank you.  

-Carol Kissal, Vice-President of Finance / Chief Finance Officer

May 13, 2016 - Staff Fest

Look for the Compass Upgrade Booth.  We'll have training information and, of course, prizes
Staff Fest 2016


The Compass Upgrade Steering Committee Votes Unanimously on SpeedType Schema

As part of the Compass upgrade, SmartKey (a third party tool which sits 'on top of' PeopleSoft to provide a shorter entry key than the full 57 digit ChartField string) will be replaced with delivered functionality called SpeedType. This change will enable Emory to benefit from similar 'short key' functionality and allow us to take advantage of ongoing patches and updates previously unattainable.

Based on listening tour feedback, we understand that the user community would like to have a numbering convention that is logical and simple.

We wanted the community to weigh on the design of the SmartKey schema, so we conducted 12 interactive labs where Compass users had an opportunity to try out various SpeedType configurations within the new interface and vote on their preference.

189 Compass users representing 24 divisions across Emory University and Healthcare participated.

The interactive labs were well-received and shaped the final decision. In fact, the Steering Committee voted unanimously in favor of the ¿user¿s choice¿ even though they preferred a different option.

Results of the SpeedType Interactive Labs:
SpeedType Interactive Lab Results

StaffFest 2015

On May 15, members of the Emory Compass Upgrade team had the opportunity to meet and share information with Compass users at Staff Fest.  Thank you all for completing our survey and special congratulations to the Compass Raffle Winners!  

160+ stopped by the Compass Upgrade table

68% of you were already aware that Compass was going to be upgraded!

We will continue to be out in the Emory community at Compass Outreach sessions, Town Hall meetings, Interactive Labs and other events in the months to come.  

The most up-to-date information on Compass events is found on the "What's Happening?" tab of the website. 

Staff Fest sign


Darien Harris, Gina Bai, Vaneita Adams, Cassandra Turner, Shervon Lewis, Shelby Smith, Ruth Marley, Sharon Gregory, Latrisha Moore, Shawna Johnston, Geri Rivers, Lisa Holmes and Mary Walters

Prizes Awarded

Compass Upgrade Coffee Mug, Compass Upgrade Water bottle, Compass Upgrade Microfiber cleaning cloth, Compass Upgrade T-shirt, Compass Upgrade Mouse Pad, $25 gift cards (2)

You could be a winner too!   Check the website regularly and register for upcoming Compass events.  There are always door prizes and raffles.

ERAZ Outreach Session - May 21, 2015

On May 21, ERAZ employees had an opportunity to meet with Dave Miller and Urvi Patel and hear about the approved Compass Upgrade business cases that impact the ERAZ community.   On behalf of all of us on the Compass Upgrade team, thank you for taking the time to attend the ERAZ Compass Outreach Session.  We hope it was informative and provided you with valuable information as we begin the Compass upgrade journey.

90 ERAZ attendees onsite 

70 attendees joined virtually

ERAZ winners

Prize Winners:  Joann Franko, Chryssi Laguines, Jill Allen, Michele Greene, Christine Bullard, Julie Schneider, Diane Samuel

Special congratulations to the Compass Raffle Winners!   Please take time every few weeks (at least!) and check the website to stay informed.  We hope to see you at campus updates, Town Hall meetings, interactive labs and other opportunities in the months to come.  Check the "News & Events" tab of the website. 

The PowerPoint presentation is available on the "Communications" tab of the website.

You could be a winner too!   Check the website regularly and register for upcoming Compass events.  There are always door prizes and raffles. 

Listening Tours

What is a Listening Tour?

Listening Tours were informal Q&A sessions started back in May 2014, where Emory user groups were formed to provide insight into what Compass features and functionality worked well, and which ones needed to be improved.  Belva White and Dave Miller have been circling back with the responses to those Listening Tour requests and questions as part of their commitment to keep the user community informed. The Listening Tour items collected have been used as the baseline for requirements in the Compass (PeopleSoft Financials 9.2) Upgrade.

Listening Tour Objectives:

To Listen...
  • to all user levels from Dean's Office, finance staff to administrative assistants and many others
  • to both positives and negatives (so we don't 'unfix' something that works well)
To Learn...
  • where processes take longer than they should
  • where the pain points are
  • where the sweet spots are
To Leverage...
  • a fresh understanding of the user experiences, so we can try to leverage opportunities in Compass (PeopleSoft Financials 9.2) application
  • the user community and hold the project team accountable for ongoing user engagement and communication

Listening Tour updates:

You can find a list of searchable Listening Tour updates related to our key focus workstreams for May through July 2015: Accounts Payable, Expenses, SmartKey/SpeedType, General Ledger and Reporting. We will continue to add topic areas as we progress.

Listening Tour Items_Consolidated List