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Project Overview

Compass is Emory's enterprise-wide PeopleSoft Financials system. Compass replaced the separate University and Healthcare accounting systems (FAS and CODA) on September 1, 2009. Compass was designed to interface with Emory’s pre-existing systems such as: PeopleSoft HCM and (Payroll, Human Resources, Student Administration),Emory Express (SciQuest), PMM, IDX, and Healthquest.


Emory’s Financial Accounting System (FAS) served Emory University and Emory Hospitals for over two decades. And, the CODA system had served The Emory Clinic for over ten years. However, these legacy systems could not keep pace with the demands of our rapidly growing organization.

Key Facts
  • Emory selected PeopleSoft Financials to replace FAS at the University and Hospitals; and CODA at The Emory Clinic.
  • Emory re-branded PeopleSoft Financials as “Compass,” and refers to the system as Compass throughout related communications and documentation.
  • Emory has a long-standing relationship with PeopleSoft, previously implementing PeopleSoft HCM (often referred to at Emory as “PSHR”) and PeopleSoft Student Administration (PSSA).
  • PeopleSoft Financials 9.0 provides Emory with a full suite of enterprise-wide systems necessary to manage a large, growing Research One institution.
  • Interfaces Emory’s pre-existing systems with improved knowledge sharing amongst Emory’s business units, and the University’s Office of Information Technology (OIT).
Important Benefits

Compass offers Emory University and Healthcare staff the following benefits:

  • The ability to track financial information throughout the enterprise.
  • Consolidated financial reports from all business units across Emory.
  • Reduced shadow systems across the enterprise.
  • As a single, authoritative data source, Compass facilitates standardized financial processes.

Emory University and Emory Healthcare are different businesses, but they share a need for common business functions, such as vendor payments, approval requests, journal entry submissions, etc. Compass, in conjunction with Emory’s other enterprise-wide systems, enables Emory to fully leverage the wealth of information that, in the past, existed in disparate systems, spreadsheets, and databases throughout the enterprise.