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Frequently Asked Questions
  • When I do a Payment Request to pay a new vendor (individual), do I still need a W-9? If so, how do I include the W-9?

  • Yes, if they are a new vendor, you will still need to ask them for a W-9. The completed W-9 can be sent to Payment Services along with the Payment Request and supporting documentation.

  • When doing a Payment Request and selecting New Vendor, I entered their information but when I hit 'Save' or 'Add', it gives me an error. What should I do next?

  • Save or Add are actions that Payment Services will do. As a requestor, once you enter the New Vendor's information, you will just go back to the Payment Request tab at the top to continue.

  • Will my approvers be the same as today?

  • PeopleSoft financials may have a different approval structure than what you see today. All approvals were provided by the Senior Business Officers. You may view the workflow in PeopleSoft, including names of approvers, after you enter your Payment Request or Expense.

  • Why do I have to print with the barcode?

  • The print report with barcode option displays a printer friendly format that allows Payment Services to identify the request and process it in PeopleSoft Financials.

  • Will Payment Services send hard copies of the receipts to the manager to review for approval?

  • No. The requestor sends the hardcopy receipts to Payment Services. Upon receiving the receipts, Payment Services will image the receipts/supporting documentation and electronically send the documentation to the manager to review.

  • How will University employees process a refund to guests or employees?

  • To determine if you should use an Expense Report or Payment Request form, ask yourself, "Did the person provide a service to the University?" If not, the request should be submitted via an Expense Report. If the payment is for a service related activity, use the Payment Request form.