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Frequently Asked Questions (General)

If you have any additional questions, please contact compass@emory.edu.

  • What is a 'ChartField' and 'SmartKey'?

  • ChartFields are the individual components that make up the PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts, e.g., Business Unit, Operating Unit, Department ID, Fund, NACUBO/Class, Account. Certain ChartFields are required for each financial transaction. To simplify how the values or ChartFields are used, Compass will use SmartKeys. A SmartKey is a 10-digit number that represents the individual values of the Chart of Accounts.

  • How do I add, inactivate, or modify a Compass ChartField or SmartKey?

  • To request a new Compass ChartField and/or SmartKey, complete and submit the form:

    Please submit one form per each ChartField Value and/or SmartKey request. E-mail completed forms to compass@emory.edu with the subject line “CHARTFIELD REQUEST” or fax to 7-2310.

  • What will happen to historic FAS data?

  • FAS historical data will still be available to review detailed transactions.

  • How many years of historic data were converted into Compass?

  • The following data was converted into Compass:

    • FY08 Summary Data
    • FY09 Monthly Summaries
    • Detailed transactions were not converted. The detailed transactions will be accessible via eBiz.

  • FAS and CODA/Compass Terminology Translations

    • 1 ledger = E&G Fund
    • 2 ledger = Designated Fund
    • 3 ledger = Healthcare
    • 4 ledger = Healthcare
    • 5 ledger = Federal Grants
    • 6 ledger = State and Private Grants or Restricted Gifts
    • 7 ledger = Healthcare
    • 8 ledger = Capital Projects
    • 9 ledger = Affiliate and Agency Funds
    • FAS Subcode = PS Account
    • FAS Account = PS SmartKey

  • If I change my address in PeopleSoft HR Self-Service, will this automatically transfer to the PeopleSoft Financials system?

  • Yes. When you change your address in PeopleSoft HR Self-Service, the address is also updated in PeopleSoft Financials.

  • Uploading and downloading documents from Internet Explorer.

  • View the following job aid to enable Internet Explorer to download a document from PeopleSoft - Enable IE Download.

  • Will Emory push Internet Explorer 7.0 to users?

  • The Compass team will not “push” out Internet Explorer version 7.0. We officially recommend Internet Explorer 7.0 or Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1 + because Oracle has not certified Internet Explorer 8.0 with PeopleSoft Financials and we have encountered problems with it during testing. Oracle’s official position is that they are planning support for Internet Explorer 8.0. Once Oracle begins providing support for Internet Explorer 8.0, the Compass tem will reconsider our position.

  • In some cases, Compass e-mails are going into “junk” mail folders. How do I redirect Compass e-mails to my Inbox folder?

  • Perform the following steps to keep your "wanted" e-mail from your "junk" folder:

    Turn off the junk filters in Outlook (client side):

    • Navigate to Tools, select Options.
    • Click the Junk Mail option (this will bring you to a second screen).
    • Make sure that the following is checked: No automatic filtering (first radial button).
    • Click Apply.
    • Click Ok.

    Increase the filters on the Postini side:

    • Enter the following URL in your browser - https://enid.emory.edu/myaccount
    • Login at the login screen.
    • Click the Login to Spam & Anti-Virus Service link (this will take you directly into Postini and will bring up your quarantine summary).
    • At the top, click on the My Settings link.
    • Under Junk Settings, click on the Manage Junk Filters link. Note the overall junk filter setting which is in many cases set to lenient. Change this setting to very aggressive.