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Super Users

Super Users ensure a smooth transition by providing expertise and support on PeopleSoft Fundamentals. Emory has identified over 180 Super Users that span most departments. Super Users are comprised of "process owners" along with local volunteers.

Who are the Super Users?

Super User names were provided by Emory Business Officers over the last year. Part of what qualifies employees as "Super Users" or the go-to person in their area is the completion of the Super User Program. The Super User Program was held June - August 2009 and included:

  • Participating in Super User webinars
  • Reviewing all Compass related communication
  • Sharing Compass updates with co-workers/managers
  • Completing Compass training related to their role

Click here to view a list of Super Users by Department.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Super User?

Your Business officer or administrator may want to appoint someone as a Super User. If you are interested in becoming a Super User:

  • Review the complete the activities outlined in the Super User Activity Plan
  • Complete all the training related to your role
  • Ask your manager to submit your name to the Super User List

Super User Reference Presentations and Materials: Training:

Click here to access and complete all Compass Training.

"Talk to the Experts" Webinar Presentations:

Click here to access and review the "Talk to the Experts" Webinar presentations:

  • Payment Request and Expense
  • General Ledger Basics
  • Reporting