E&G / Unrestricted Operating Budget (Revenue and Expenses)

Navigation path

Commitment Control > Review Budget Activities > Budgets Overview

Purpose of the Inquiry

This inquiry gives you the ability to drill down to various documents and is recommended for detail analysis and a quick view for answering the question “What is my available budget?”

Inquiry Criteria

Description: your preference to describe the template you are setting up

Budget Type Section

  • Business Unit: EMUNV

  • Ledger Group Set: Ledger Inquiry Set

  • Ledger Inquiry Set: DEPTEXPREV

  • To create a chart, select the Display Chart check box. This item is optional.

TimeSpan Section

  • Type of Calendar: Detail Budget Period. Note: Detail Budget Period displays life-to-date balances, while Detail Accounting Period displays only the current year-to-date balances.

  • Make sure the box under Select is checked

  • Calendar ID: Leave as defaulted

  • From Budget Period and To Budget Period: Enter the fiscal year you want to review

  • Make sure the box under Include Adjustment Period is checked

  • Make sure the box under Closing Adjustments is blank

Chartfield Criteria Section


Inquiry Results

The results of the inquiry display after you select the criteria and then click the Save and Search buttons. To view a sample of this inquiry, go to Sample - Unrestricted Operating Budget (Revenue and Expenses) in the Appendix.