What courses are being trained?

Course Icon Click on the image to see a complete listing of Compass Transition courses.  Information includes: Module, Course Name, Course Duration, Audience and Course Description.

What type of training is available?

Training Methods

How did they decide who took each type of training?

How do I sign up for training?

eLearning Information


Tips & Tricks

Use the Pause and Back buttons to moderate the pace of the course.

Remember:   There are job aids for all of the eLearning content. You don’t have to memorize the steps needed to complete a transaction. Click here to view the library of Job Aids.


Have a pen and paper on hand when you take the end-of-course-assessment (EOCA) and note which questions you answer incorrectly.  Review the job aid or eLearning lesson before you attempt the EOCA a second (or third) time.


eLearning Courses

Wire Claim Enhancements eLearning (260423)

Grants Suite 101 eLearning (260488 - 11352)

Emory Express for Approvers eLearning (260533)

What's New in General Ledger eLearning (260435) 

Understanding Workflow & Approving Financial Transactions eLearning (260461) 

What’s New in Accounts Payable? eLearning (260418) 

Asset Disposal Workflow eLearning (260427) 

Travel & Expense Enhancements  elearning (260454)

What's New in Emory Express? (User Community) eLearning (260429)  

P-Card (260419)



Where can I find training materials?

Classroom Session PowerPoint Presentations